F&N dodavatelé, s.r.o.

is company founded in 1991. This year it is almost 25 years we are on market with sweeteners. Our competitive advantage is that there is hard to find company  that could compete with us in assortment of sweeteners and in practical experiences in use of sweeteners.
Our range consists of low calorie and calorie sweeteners taht can be used as a sugar substituetes. Our sweeteners are in tablets, powder and liquid. Curently our range consists of several dozen of differnet types of sweeteners.

  • Tablet sweeteners are usually suitable for beverage sweetening, or for the preservation of fruits or vegetables. Tablet sweeteners are intensive sweeteners  because a tiny tablet sweets as a cube or teaspoon of sugar. Intensive sweeteners have got no-  or very low calories. Saccharin, Aspartam-acesulfam, Sucralose, based on steviol-glycosides
  • Powder sweeteners could be characterized as bulk sweeteners. Some sweeteners are as sweet as sugar, and some are 3 or 4 times sweeter than sugar. Powder sweeteners are usually used as sugar substitute for baking and cooking.
    Powder sweetener 4x sweeter 250g, STARLinea 250g, Powder sweetener based on steviol-glycosid
  • Liquid sweeteners are usually about 10 times sweeter than sugar, i.e. that several drops replaces teaspoon of sugar. Liquid sweeteners could be used as versatile sweetener at home.
    Diafan, Liquid sweetener based on steviol-glycoside

Some people mistakenly believe that sweeteners are only for sick people. This is not true. Sweeteners are for anyone who wants to reduce sugar concumption and for anyone who wants to reduce calorie consumption.


Some people mistakenly believe that sweeteners are only artificial. This is also not true. Some sweeteners are extracts for exaple from stevia plant, some are natura identical, for example xylitol, erythritol. Artificial are only saccharin, cyclamate, aspartame, acesulfame K and sucralose.


Everyone can try sweeteners and find what will suit him. Unfortunately European Commission and European Parlament bans food manufacturers to inform consumers about positive characteristics of products. For that reason we refer to different websites. On reputable web peges sufficients information are represented.


In our company all production is subjecte to the multi-control. Our production is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP. We work under the Czech and European relevant food legislation.

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